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or 'Expert' Status 

Plus Gives YOU The Security, Flexibility and Freedom To Live The Life YOU Desire . . . All on a ZERO Risk, 365 Day, DOUBLE, Money Back Guarantee Basis"

There is no other system which lets you mold it to fit your lifestyle like this one to: Make a six (or even seven) figure income, inspire other people which not only makes an impact, it allows you to leave behind a legacy that rewards and recognizes you . . . by simply sharing your natural insights and wisdom with the world!

If this interests you even slightly, then I urge you to read below...

Stefanie Hartman
From Stefanie Hartman

Dear Friend and Frustrated Entrepreneur,

You are now on your way to turning your wisdom, knowledge and creative juices into cash and having everything in the world you really want, an ultimate lifestyle of fun and financial freedom . . . WITHOUT costing you a fortune to get it.

I believe in making people's dreams come true. I want to help you achieve your dreams and guide you on your stepping stone to success in your life.

When you absorb every word in this letter, you will know why you need to reserve your 'Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program' and understand what an incredible opportunity you have now, with your knowledge.

I'd like to help you, help set you free of your financial and personal limitations - help you be a success story, just like my many other successful entrepreneurial clients.

You may have already started to limit your beliefs after reading the first sentence above, thinking to yourself, "I can't turn my wisdom, knowledge and creative juices into cash" . . . thinking it could never happen to you. 

It's critical you do not!

Let's take a closer look at the first sentence again.

What was your initial reaction when you read it? Did you start to reject the possibility of truth in your mind in such a simple, yet powerful statement?

Did your habit-conditioned mind automatically say - 'No, not me', Nada - No Way', 'Are you insane Stefanie?'

The cold hard fact is, I believe there's a distinct possibility you did . . . which is exactly why I am dwelling on this in more detail.

Only a stubborn fool would accept such a statement on absolute faith, without any evidence whatsoever . . . however a wise person, 100% free of deadly, self limitations would investigate what fools take for granted and merely ask . . .  "HOW"?

Don't you be guilty of self limitation.

Don't reject the success and riches in your life, which can be yours by simply 'knowing' or 'fearing' you can't have them.

The only question you need to ask yourself and of me is "How?"

"How can you have everything in the world you could ever want by discovering how to leverage off the amazing amount of knowledge you already possess?"

Go with me, absorb every word in this letter and you will discover . . . I will give you the 'Know How' and all of the PROOF you desire!

I need you to forget self-limitation for the moment.

Can you do this?

Good, because this is the one and only aspect I ask of you at this stage.

You do not have to believe anything yet . . . however, you must not disbelieve the possibility my 'Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program' - just might work for you so that you can finally, stop trading time for dollars and say 'goodbye' to the 40 hour work week forever . . . where you no longer have to spend endless time commuting.


Good, you are still reading . . . which means you are a person who can cast aside failure-oriented doubt long enough to discover how.

Long Before Entrepreneurs, The Internet and Social Media
. . . There Was The Caveman

Since the Stone Age and ever since the caveman first grunted and invented the wheel - the world as you know it, really has evolved into the world you live in now and will continue to do so through an evolution of people constantly discovering ways to share their knowledge and expertise with the world.  

Throughout history, people have been hungry for 'Information'. When the cavman grunted, he was expressing his voice so he would be heard. In the old days of the wild west, spruikers would travel from town to town, gathering huge crowds around them and using their voice, their knowledge to sell their various potions and lotions.

These days, people are more hungry than a pride of ravenous lions who haven't eaten for several days and they are ready to devour anything you possess in your mind which they find of interest.

Now it's your turn to get heard . . . to give them what they want and get paid for it!

As a serious entrepreneur, you are right in the middle of the exciting Information Age where the hungry crowds of people who want the information you possess, are happy to pay you handsomely for it . . . giving you the ultimate lifestyle of fun and financial freedom you deserve and desire.  

Maybe you already have some idea just how HUGE the information business is. What I can reveal to you with 100% certainty is that it's getting bigger and bigger, especially with the explosion of the internet and social media websites such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter and many more which means you now have the golden opportuntiy to transform what you know into huge profits by simply getting your voice heard.    

Long before the Internet, in books alone, there were over 7,000 book titles which started with 'How To' and I wouldn't be shocked to discover if that figure is well over 100,000 today . . . and growing, such is the hunger for information products.

Now it's your turn to give the information seekers EXACTLY what they want and get paid for it! This really is the ultimate lifestyle business and you too can join the countless other serious entrepreneurs who I have successfully taught how to quite literally turn their creative juices into dollars!

This is YOUR chance to discover how you can . . . and why you should . . . be in the exciting business of providing information for profit. 

I have so much I want to share with you plus I will also reveal to you HOW can gain access to my comprehensive 'Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program' . . . PLUS you will discover details on a selection of Incredible FAST Response Bonus Gifts.

First though . . . here’s a short story . . .

I could write about my own successes however, this is not about me, it's about you, so I thought I would share a story about one serious entrepreneur I know personally . . . because reading about people who may be just like you seems more appropriate, don't you think? 

A few days ago, I got an email from a friend, he's someone I have shared the stage with as a speaker. He used to live here in Vancouver for 16 months as part of his world travels . . . until 3 months ago. Since he left, he has traveled to London 3 times, Italy 3 times, which is nothing really new for him however . . . it was one sentence in his email which even took me by surprise. 

He revealed to me, how he was about to move into his amazing waterfront apartment on an Island in the Mediterranean and how his office is him sitting on his patio, admiring the turquoise waters in glorious sunshine while he does his 'work'  . . . creating new information products to sell to more people!

The real story here though is how this ex-banker, after 20 years . . .decided in 2000 to get into the Information Business, selling products to people who were hungry for them and were very happy to whip out their credit cards and invest in what he was selling.

As quiet as a church mouse . . .
to Speaking All Over the World

Now, when he first pondered the idea of getting into the information business he almost stopped before he started.

Why you ask?

Because a close friend of his (and a very successful entrepreneur) said to write down his own success stories in his personal and working life and to really take a good hard look at himself to reveal everything.  

His first reaction was to reply by saying - "I don't know anything and even if I did, no one would want to pay for it, plus I dropped out of school at 14 years and 8 months."  Even though he was skeptical, he did what was recommended. He soon realized he was wrong . . . when he discovered he knew a jumbo-jet load of information which people wanted to pay him substantial money for. 

You see my entrepreneurial friend, like my friend, you have so much success, so much knowledge and life experience and there are so many people in this world, in this information age who are eager to pay you for what you know and they want to hear you shout about it from the top of the empire state building so that everyone can hear you, hear your voice.

Back to my friend . . .

In the last 5 years, I can reveal to you; He has traveled the world, lived in Europe, Ireland, London, Australia, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Canada, Italy and now in the Mediterranean plus he's been on 3 cruises and taking a vacation in Bermuda in a few months. My friend, has a burning passion for travel, new cultures and cuisines and leverages the selling of information products and his writing skills to do what he loves doing.

He truly is living the 'laptop lifestyle' after finally 'getting it'  . . . about just how priceless it can be by being in the Ultimate Lifestyle Business. Since 2004, he has been speaking all over the world as an in demand expert within his chosen field.

Not too bad for a man who thought he didn't have any real knowledge to share with others who were and still are, willing to pay substantial dollars for it! 

He doesn't miss pouring his blood,sweat and tears for 60 plus hours per week for an ungrateful boss at the bank and is glad to be out of the rate race - FINALLY! No wonder he hasn't looked back since working for himself!

Frankly, there’s no telling how much money he can make if he really puts his mind to it. Let's just say, to live that type of lifestyle, isn't cheap, yet he does it with ease. Plus selling Information products also paid for his second divorce.

Does his story resonate with you in any way? You may not have the desire to travel like my friend does however, can you imagine just for a second, the lifestyle you could be living by simply joining him in this amazing business? 

Now, I want to be clear: This letter is about YOU.  Because there’s absolutely no reason you cannot be in the very same position . . . or even better . . . if you make it your clear mission.

Absolutely ANYBODY with a burning desire . . . and that means you too . . . can create a part-time Information Marketing Business which can earn you anywhere from a few extra thousand dollars each and every month . . . to a full-blown Six-Figure Information Marketing Business (or even higher) . . .  if that’s what you want desire. 

It really is your choice. 

I want to help you unleash your wisdom, knowledge and expertise . . . and get well paid for it!

If you are anything like me, I am guessing you need PROOF and I can't blame you at all. Below, you can access  SUCCESS Stories from normal, everyday people like you . . .

student experiences

6 Crucial Facts For YOU

If you chose to read a few of my success stories, I can let you know with absolute certainty, there’s plenty more success stories where those came from.  These are NOT rare or unique positions. Many people possess it and will continue to do so.

And there’s nothing really “special” about them or me. My traveling friend who I told you about earlier, is a high school drop-out after leaving when he was 14 years old and nothing has held him back. I have many successful students. One is a Mom, another woman is a former jumbo-jet pilot, another is a former 4-time Olympian, another a weight loss coach, another a clinical psychologist. 

Add in the the spiritual teacher, a few Doctors, a professor, public speakers, trainers, best selling authors and the Naturopathic Doctor . . . the list could go on. Sounds a bit like 'Noah's Ark For Entrepreneurs' and I'm not joking. If I truly detailed the various types of people I have helped from all walks of life . . . you would totally agree with me.

What they all have in common and the ONLY aspect is this . . . they have  ALL followed Proven Blueprints to build successful Information Marketing businesses.  I can't think of even one reason why YOU can’t do the same. 

You may be wondering why I have revealed all of this to you?

Good question.

One answer.

To make you aware of the 6 crucially important facts about the Information Marketing business and what this means for  you as a serious entrepreneur  because there is not one other business on this earth, where you can get yourself into a position to “turn on the tap” at will, and make large sums of money whenever you choose.

So, that’s FACT #1: Income On Demand.  When you Want it . . . please keep reading.

There are FIVE more crucially important facts about the Information Marketing business and I will get to those in a short moment . . . however first, allow me to share . . . 

A Success Story From Another Serious Entrepreneur 
Who Was Clueless About Marketing - However. . . In
His First 6 months He Took in $445,858.29 Net

"Hi I’m Dr. Scott Brown, Ph.D. a.k.a. "The Wallet Doctor.”  I have a Ph D in finance, very, very few people in the world have such a Ph.D.  There’s less than a hundred of us that graduate worldwide. What became aware to me from the very beginning was that even though I am a flat out, hands down expert in finance, I knew absolutely nothing about marketing, and even worse I knew absolutely nothing about the expert information business.

Well I was eventually, through a series of events guided to Stefanie Hartman and I listened to her teleseminar and then we had a conversation and I recorded our conversation and I had my wife listen to our discussion about her program. We didn’t want to spend anymore money because we had as much money in the business as we wanted to at the time, and my wife listened to Stefanie and said "wow, this woman really sounds like a sincere person" and I said "yeah, that’s what I think too".

So I put the money into the her program, and as always whenever you put out that much money, you’re a little bit concerned about whether or not the person is going to be able to deliver on what they promise and what I found over time in the seven months that I studied from Stefanie was that not only did she deliver on what she promised, but much, much more. 

I guarantee you’re going to get at least $100,000 in marketing consulting out of Stefanie’s program. What was really humorous was that a couple of months into Stefanie’s course, there’s so much in Stefanie’s program, so many jewels and nuggets and things that you apply that I had no idea existed, but a huge marketing firm started saying ‘wow, where did you get that?’ ‘Where did you get that idea?’ We’ve been at this for ten years and didn’t know that you could do marketing that way; you know we need to do this in our business, and I was kind of laughing because it was all straight out of Stefanie Hartman.

Not only did she deliver on what she promised, but much, much more. I have sold more than $1 Million of products
… and I started from scratch … and could only implement her teachings on my weekends. I don’t accept any commission on Stefanie’s various products – she’s the real deal and I just owe her my life.

By applying just 3 simple Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program concepts (that I would have overlooked) to my investing course at it was the #1 bestseller last year for the Oxford Club.  In the first 6 months I took in net $445,858.29 – thanks to you!  This would not have happened had I not enrolled in Stefanie's program!”

I just very strongly believe in Stefanie’s product and you’re not going to be disappointed.  You’re going to do a lot of hard work, but that’s the way it is in any business that you start, but take it from me that you’re making one of the best investments in your business as an expert, author that you possibly can through Stefanie’s program. 

I hope this overcomes some of your concerns about the program, congratulations for even thinking about taking her program and I guarantee you this is going to be a major foundational investment in your business.  Take care and best of luck."                                      - Dr. Scott Brown, PHD in Finance.

FACT #2: Celebrity or Expert Status

You may not like it or even agree with it however, you do live live in a Celebrity overdosed world. Just take a look at any magazine and they are filled with paparazzi photos of Hollywood actors, sports stars, politicians and and anyone else deemed to have celebrity status. Many, can't even blow their own nose in public without someone taking a picture and selling it off to the highest bidder. Then, there are TV shows like TMZ which is 100% devoted to making money out of celebrities.

YOU can take advantage of this opportunity and leverage from it by making yourself a Celebrity or 'Expert' within your profession or niche. YOU may be thinking it's difficult . . . it's not. 

The MAJOR ADVANTAGE of you gaining Celebrity or 'Expert' status is that it provides you and your business with the ultimate credibility which is a really important fact to understand. When you provide really useful information, you are automatically recognized as an 'Expert' in your core business which means your prospects are more likely to buy from you because you are recognized as the 'EXPERT' in your industry instead of some ordinary Jane Doe wannabe who doesn't have your expertise. 

YOU may not really care if you make any money in the Information Marketing business (and I certainly do NOT recommend you even think like that), you should be in the Information Marketing business for the credibility boost it gives you, it whatever you choose to make your core business. 

When you become the recognized 'Expert'  . . . for you, it makes selling your products or services EXPONENTIALLY easier than you could ever imagine.

For example: Take my client, Carol Leigh who is the former 747 Jumbo-Jet pilot I mentioned previously. She's now 'retired' however she spends her life, traveling across America in her R.V. speaking at various events as a professional speaker and coaching people. She is considered an expert and has her own brand of celebrity status, thanks to her book titled - "On Wings of Trust".

She is now writing her second book, which will only increase her celebrity and expert status. 

Now, how many airline pilots before Carole, simply retired and chose to do nothing after thinking to themselves: "Why write a book, no one would want to read that."

And they were WRONG!

So FACT  #2 is . . . YOU need to take the enormous advantage of your Celebrity or Expert status and reap the rewards of the tremendous selling power it creates for you. 

FACT #3: Incredible Flexibility

The Information Marketing business gives you more flexibilty than an Olympic Gymnast . . . it IS that flexible.

“The other important fact for you . . . it can create an interesting sideline and retirement business, with ZERO stress, complete flexibility and portability which gives you a few extra thousand dollars a month. I know of one man who loved to keep ferrets as a hobby . . . so he wrote a book on "How To Keep a Ferret In Your Back Yard" and he has been making a great sideline income from it in his retirement since 2004.

There are quite literally thousands of such success stories.

It could be your retirement business, or it could be a full-time business for you where you can generate a high six-figure and seven-figure income. It's even possible to create a saleable asset. Some sell off their entire business once they gain the celebrity or expert status, have the proof etc. Other's like my ex-banker friend, sell off the non-exclusive resale rights, under License . . . where other people get to sell his products. 

These sell for large chunks of cash. Generally 10 times what the product sells for (plus ongoing royalties which creates a passive income) and even HIGHER for the Master Rights which means this is a REAL business to get yourself into and one you can sell for huge profits.

The people who I know or know of, who have chosen to get really serious abou the Information Marketing Business produce, TWO, FIVE, TEN, TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS a year or more. Many are people just like you.

One man, a former magician who made so much money from selling Information products on "How to do Magic Tricks", hasn't worked at all in the last 3 years years however in 2009 he paid $5,000,000 cash for his palacial home and then spent over 500,000 on the finishing touches. He, his wife and 4 daughters live an amazing lifestyle, they have 2 live-in maids, drives fancy cars and takes luxurious vacations.

It's no wonder his parents don't regret buying him a box full of magic tricks when he was a 8 years old. 

Another man, a stage hypnotist, has a private plane, lives in a 17,000 square foot house for just himself and his wife, which is more like Disneyland. Others fly everywhere first class, collect expensive sports cars as a hobby, others have diamonds so big they should be registered as lethal weapons, another lives a lifestyle which would rival any Hollywood 'A' list celebrity and the list could go on and on.

Don't envy them, join them . . . if  this is what you want to do. These folks have ‘caviar tastes’ and the bank balance to live it . . . all thanks to getting into the Information Marketing Business.

There is NO other business like this which allows you to mold it to fit your lifestyle. No exceptions - PERIOD!

As for me, I continue to evolve in my own Information Marketing Business.

When you want to build a business which can 100% support your ideal lifestyle and one which gives YOU the flexibility to change as your desires change . . . please read on.

FACT #4: Security

Without any shadow of a doubt, the Information Marketing Business is the ideal business in BOTH Good Times and Bad Times.  The state of the economy doesn’t matter. Let me explain. 

Because . . . In good times, people turn to information as shortcuts.  In bad times, people are looking for help and new solutions because they want their problems solved and will PAY to do so. In good times, great times, slow times, bad times, even recessions, information marketers who know what myself and my clients know . . . will always do great.

In fact, during such bad times, many such marketers thrive! Gas can go to $5.00 a gallon, interest rates to 15%, we will still be living the lifestyle we want and the cash will still roll in, regardless. 

The SECURITY you can gain from this business is this . . . there is a constant, never-ending demand for information, the desire for information, and the flexibility and adaptability of the business itself.  In GOOD times, people turn to information, looking for shortcuts as they are always in a rush. 

In BAD times, people are looking for help and NEW Solutions to solve their latest nightmare. 

When you want real financial security either in your retirement or on the road to your retirement . . . this is the quickest and easiest way for you to get it. 

And I’ll show you how to in a few minutes.

FACT #5: Freedom

Yes, you get 100% freedom. No longer will anyone tell you when, where or how to do business because it's your business.  Any one of the information-marketers I’ve guided could decide on the spur of the moment to move to The Bahamas, The Mediterranean or any other location they desire, do it overnight and not disrupt their business in the slightest. The business is 100% portable. 

Your business can be supported by outsourcing and work for you on auto-pilot. Imagine never even needing to meet or talk to your customers . . . if you choose not to. Imagine, working just on the weekends and then taking the weeks off instead or taking a whole month off. Many people do and their income still flows like Niagara Falls.

FACT #6: Fun, Fun, Fun!

You know, there’s a lot to like about selling Information products and making money online . . .

There’s nothing more exciting than having people from all around the world send you MONEY!

Picture this: You wake up in the morning at your leisure, take a 10-second commute into your home office
and turn on your computer and hear it say, “You’ve got orders!” . . . more MONEY!

Later in the day, you check you emails again and discover even more MONEY! --- orders, orders, orders!

You can literally have an automatic, self-operating moneymaking machine working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world you want to live.

That’s the life I live. It’s the life you can live.

And it has NEVER been easier for you to leap into this wonderful situation, almost instantly.

So, whatever you do, wherever you are now in business or in your personal life, whatever your financial situation is . . . do NOT set this letter aside without reading every single word . . . because if you’ve ever dreamt of having MONEY come to you everyday through your computer,  WITHOUT face to face selling, WITHOUT much time invested, WITHOUT a big office or employees . . . then this may be just what you are looking for.

. . . Imagine being your own boss
. . . Imagine choosing to work when you want too - in any country you want to
. . . Imagine the freedom you can create financially
. . . Imagine spending more time with your family and loved ones
. . . Imagine living the lifestyle you deserve and desire
. . . Imagine being able to travel to exotic places - flying first class if you choose to

Even potentially make millions, just like many have done and will continue to do so!

Becoming a ‘celebrity’ to a market is a big kick for most people. Helping people improve themselves or their income or finances, or enjoy their hobbies (such as Magic Tricks or Ferrets as previously mentioned), or losing those extra 10-20 pounds of weight or to be fitter, eating healthier etc. or to get that book published (inside every person there is at least ONE good book) is to me and my friends, personally very rewarding. 

Knowing you are not only helping people by passing on your own wisdom, knowledge and expertise, it also feels kind of satisfying knowing you are inspiring others to achieve their dreams plus you can be creating a legacy at the same time.

Is there any other business like this?

Not to my knowledge!

Surely at least ONE of these Key 6 Crucial facts is of enormous importance to you and has HUGE appeal to you. Don’t envy us. Join us. Come and step up to the Entrepreneurs BIG League of Money Making which gives you the ultimate lifestyle, in THE #1 business for Serious Entrepreneurs. . .  with the people and ideas which make it all possible for you because . . . .

There’s no time like right now to get into the Information Marketing Businesss. Before I reveal how, you may be wondering about me and how I am qualified to be the one helping you?

And that's a fair question. One which I am more than happy to answer for you.

Sounds Great Stefanie . . . However
Why Should I Belive a Word YOU Say?

And that's a fair question. One which I am more than happy to answer for you.

People often refer to me as “The Expert’s Expert”. I am an International Speaker, Consultant and a highly sought after Behind the Scenes Marketing Strategist for well–known or highly profitable entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches and experts throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

I specialize in providing proven ‘real world’ powerful marketing strategies to generate on‐going revenues, build your database and position you as a top expert in your field. I believe in telling you the TRUTH (even though at times you may want to hear it) and I help entrepreneurs eliminate the learning curve and avoid the many pitfalls and costly mistakes which only the top 1% of income earners know.

Here's a small sample of some my Career Highlights:

  • Founded a Private Online Club that uses match‐making technology to connect Entrepreneurs with casual partners that put your business or products in front of your target market worldwide.
  • Created the Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program, an online school for Entrepreneurs, Authors and Speakers.

  • Worked with “who’s who” of the industry: T. Harv Eker, Matt Bacak, 4‐time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez, Oprah Guest Cynthia Kersey, among others. Has shared the stage with Rick Frishman, Arielle Ford (Deepak Chopra), John Assaraf, Mark Victor Hansen (Chicken Soup for Soul). 

  • Recently courted by an award winning New York Publishing Firm to lend her marketing expertise to their famous and new authors. 

  • Partnered with New York publisher to award publishing contracts to Entrepreneurs world‐wide, including full & major distribution to retail bookstores, foreign rights, and online sellers via Ingram. 

  • Co‐produced, Coordinated and Hosted several television shows, specials and documentaries, including work for BBC, The Discovery Channel, CTV, The Outdoor Life Network, VTV Channel for Baton Broadcasting. 

  • As a highly sought after Marketing Consultant in the industry, I helped contribute to the increased revenue of $4.3 million dollars in just 24 months for one of my clients. 

Here's a Sneak Peak Behind the Curtains at What You Will Discover Deep Inside My 'Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program'

Gain a high six figure – multi-million dollar business with little to no staff...

Building Your Expertise, Brand & Business

Discover how to define your expertise and develop your core product.
How to use free and paid for information products to build your expertise and a viable business.
How to find out what people want to buy - before you sell to them.
Locate your target market. Identify your ideal customer.
How to build your marketing plan to suit your desired lifestyle and business goals. (Automate your business, position to sell your business in 5 yrs, become a speaker, best-selling author or trainer or build an online business)
Discover why the Marketing Funnel is so important to Millionaire Experts and create your own. (This alone helped an expert Stefanie worked with sell over $600K in product sales in 1 weekend)
How to create credibility and rapport with buyers in less than 5 mins.
Build your behind the scenes Profit Centers - what they are and how they can make you financially free while taking little time and effort to create.
Choose the Business Model that suits your Lifestyle.
Obtain the tools necessary for entrepreneurs and experts to create a virtual & viable business.
How to create a virtual business for $10 bucks a month.
How to automate your Marketing.
How to write powerful copy that sells (even if you're not a writer).
Designing your website to generate leads and create sales.
How to get people to open up your emails.
How to use the power of automation and the Internet to create loyalty and build personal relationships with your customers (even when you're not around).
How to manage your leads through automated sales people.

I want you to know that, for the first time,
I KNOW I can do this, thank you again. Wow!

- Althea Dixon

Making Money with Information Products, the Internet & Back-End Sales Systems

Why Product Positioning can make or break you (how you position your expertise and your products is more important than the copy you write or ads you create).
A fun, easy system to write your book even if you failed English class.
Key resources that Stefanie and her clients use to create low cost or no cost products and sell for 400% mark-up
How to test your product concept or titles for success.
How to successfully sell your product without feeling like a 'salesperson'.
How the sales process differs for higher end products and for lower priced ones.
How to create something once and have it spin off into multiple products and lead generating tools.
Low cost ways to create your information product.
How to create 'High Perceived Market Value' for your product so people gladly pay you top dollar.
Secret structure and formula, which when followed will increase your product sales, and keep your audience riveted and wanting more. (This one secret formula has been the breakthrough for many of Stefanie's clients, who immediately went from zero product sales to $100K and more right away - all without changing the product).

Arsenal of Marketing & Sales Techniques

You will receive your arsenal/buffet of Marketing Strategies and Techniques.
Create your 1-2 year Action Plan.
Templates and Checklists.
Internet Marketing Techniques.
How to create a blog and why you need one.
The secrets of Search Engine Optimization.
The run-down on Pay-Per-Click Campaigns.
How to have people begging to do business with you.
The key difference that you need to know between selling in person versus selling over the phone.
The essential low cost marketing piece that is the KEY to gaining the ability to write your own pay check whenever you desire.
How to advertise your services with little or no money.
How 'Incentive Marketing' can transform your business overnight.
How to generate unlimited qualified leads/customers from multiple sources.
How to simplify your sales process while up-selling customers with ease.
The most effective way to use testimonials that will sell your product/service for you and engage your customer.
Marketing Checklist and Marketing Principles for success.
New! How to create a TeleSeminar Series of other speakers (earn $3k - $10k & 1000 leads per month) ($2495 Value)
Follow the 8-Pillars of Marketing Strategy
Marketing Principles, Strategies, Checklists and Planning Templates
How to give something away FREE yet still make money on it.
How to build your database from scratch.
How to create Strategic Alliances and Joint Venture Partners.
Self-publishing benefits versus publishing house practices.
Powerful tips and templates so you can hit the pavement running.
Discover how to generate leads, sell more product during sales opportunities, build promotions.
How to increase revenues for your business through additional back end sales structure.
How to get other people to sell your product for you - without any upfront expenses.
How to pre-sell your product before you pay the cost of creating it.
How to design email campaigns that will identify your target market and have them chasing you.
How to price your products and services.
New! How to make your book #1 Bestseller on Amazon ($2995 Value).

ONE session with Stefanie and my
platform sales doubled overnight!

-Lisa Cherney, Speaker

Speaking and Seminars

How to prepare for a speaking engagement.
How to get your customers to find speaking engagements for you.

Booth Strategy (how to get people to visit your booth and spend money).
Booth set-up and checklist.
What to include in your contract.
How to generate incredible gifts for people visiting your booth that don't cost you a cent.
How to bond with your audience to breakthrough objections and sales barriers.
How to determine what to sell at different engagements.
New! Speakers Kit Template ($795 Value)
How to sell a product or gather leads from speaking engagements where you are officially not allowed to sell.
What to negotiate and ask for with meeting planners in order to set yourself up for maximum sales. (Failure to ask for these essentials will cost you thousands of dollars in lost sales).
How to test future products from your audience.
How to create a call to action sales presentation that will literally have people running to the back of the room to hand you their credit card.
How to earn up to $25,000 a weekend or more with your own seminars!
Designing a powerful program from A-Z.

Capitalizing on Media Exposure

How to get unlimited free advertising from the media.
How to write and submit free Press Releases.
How to get Radio/TV interviews.
How to sell your product to the audience during interviews without a sales presentation.
How to use articles in the media and through other companies to get you mass exposure to your target market.
How to generate leads through articles.
New! Media Kit Template ($795 Value)

…..and much, much, more!

student experiences
Phew Stefanie!

'I Believe You . . . What Will I Actually Get With Your
Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program?'

The Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program has been designed to empower you, even if marketing is a foreign language to you. You will receive clear direction, answers to your unique questions and be placed in an environment where you are supported by an intimate group of like-minded individuals, specialized coaches, and my marketing experts and instructors.

"GOLD Level Access"
Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program

The Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program Includes:

7 Months of Step-by-Step Instructional Classes (7 Modules),  plus…Recorded Audios, Templates!

The 7 Modules:

You receive 7 full Modules that are easy to follow and laid out for you step-by step . . . which you simply follow one at a time.

Module One: Your Expertise is Your Business

Right from the get-go we mean business... and in this module, you will learn how to discover your expertise and then how to turn it into a viable business. Every person is unique, learn the success systems that help you build a business based on your personality. From creating your marketing plan, to planning your products, to developing what your business will look like, you will create your plan for your company and map out your profit centers.

Module Two: Creating & Positioning Your Products

Want to make money within right away? Use your expertise or get other experts to do the work for you, and even build your database for you – all where you gain revenue and don’t pay a dime!  Get started in product creation and how to position the sale of your core product over the phone to first time buyers.  Receive the two most powerful things you will need to boost your credibility and spike your sales. This low cost marketing piece is the KEY to gaining the ability to write your own pay check whenever you desire. Get the 1 hr TeleSeminars structure that can help you create products from scratch and how to use them to help sell, sell, sell.  Keep your customers in “active listening mode” and light up your phone lines with orders.  The info on just this training class alone DOUBLED many client’s sales overnight. Armed with this knowledge you can actually predict how much money you will make with each call. 

Module Three: Setting Up Shop

Obtain the tools necessary to create a Virtual Business for $10/month.  Receive Helpful Resources to automate your business and learn how to create powerful websites that you’ll need for your online sales and lead generation. Get some   Copywriting secrets plus as a special bonus, you will also get an additional class on How to Create Joint Ventures That Make You Money

Module Four: Marketing & SalesI

You will be learning about a ton of effective marketing techniques, with the purpose of generating leads, selling more product during sales opportunities, building promotions and how to increase revenues for your business through additional back end sales structure.  You will also be learning the most important aspect of any marketing plan...that being strategy.  You’ll find out why strategy is KING.

Module Five: Marketing & Sales II

Pick from a vast buffet of proven Marketing Strategies. You will also find templates for your 12 – 24 month Action Plan, a Continuancy™ Program, and your (CES) Customer Evolution Program to automate your marketing, sales and client care (customer service) positions.   As a special bonus you will get an extra bonus class this Module with an expert focusing on Internet Marketing Techniques, including information on how to increase traffic to your websites, Blogs, Podcasting, Advertising Online and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Module Six: Speaking & Seminars

Learn how to build your platform as an expert in your field. Adding speaking to your marketing plan is one of the fastest ways to build your credibility and get known (aside from TV and Radio).  Getting out and speaking to people in person builds your reputation, creates memories in the minds of your audience, and is a magnet for publicity from local press and allows you to make $20K  - $80K or more in one day through back of room sales.   In this module you will learn everything you need to increase your bottom line as a speaker from how to find speaking engagements, how to take full advantage of local press, how to negotiate with meeting planners, what to have at your sales table, whether to use PowerPoint, flip charts or nothing at all, to gathering contacts who don’t buy and how to create even more sales after the event. You will also be able to put your speakers kit together online and offline.

Once you get a taste of speaking you may decide to create your own events.  Whether you want to create paid or free training workshops where you are the teacher (and the star) or you want to organize an event where you bring in other speakers, you will receive the information to design a powerful presentation from A to Z plus receive some organizer tips to keep your audience having fun, learning tons and maintaining a buying mood!

Module Seven: Capitalizing on Media Exposure

Have you dreamt of having your own syndicated column? Or seeing your picture and an article written about in a magazine? Or being interviewed by a TV Personality on a show?  Don’t worry, this is not that hard to master.  the media is in the business of looking for experts - they need you!  This Module has a lot of material, you will be learning about Television, Radio, Articles and Press Releases. You will also be able to put your media kit together online & offline.

This Module has a lot of material on all of those things, you will be learning about Television, Radio, Articles and Press Releases. You will also be shown how to put your Media Kit together.

Each Module is filled with audio classes, documents, PDF samples, templates, and action steps so you know EXACTLY what to do that month.

Plus, you will learn how to Become Known as 'THE' Expert in your
field or niche so clients come to you – No More Chasing clients!

If you have something that will truly help someone’s life or business they will seek you out and force you to take their money and they’re glad to give it because of the value it provides them. The end result, both you and your customers are happy. Work less and earn more!

Frank Sousa - Founder of the Wildly Successful Traffic Geyser
Self Made Multi-Millionaire

When Stefanie got up to speak, I was kind of blown away. That’s an overused cliché, but I was blown away by the wisdom. I started doing something that I very, very seldom do. I was writing notes like crazy, because she was giving me ideas and things that I can take back with me and apply to my business right away to make more money. It was absolutely amazing.

I would tell you without any hesitation whatsoever that if you get a chance to work with Stefanie, you’d be a fool not to. She is absolutely awesome, she is a real deal and I have no problems whatsoever in recommending Stefanie Hartman She is one awesome lady!

In addition to the 7 Months of Step-by-Step Instructional Classes (7 Modules), plus . . . Recorded Audios, Templates YOU will Also Get:

6 Times the Massive Support

1. Ability to “Fast-Track” the Program Modules –go through the material on your own schedule and pace or fly through it in a few weeks, either way you‘ll still receive the full 7 months of material. 

24/hr Online closed door forum (Interact with fellow students anytime).

3. Progress Tracking via online exams to assist your progress and comprehension of materials.
4. Private Quick Start Session with Program Mentor.
5. Easy on the pocket Grad Program: You can easily continue your support and working with Stefanie for as long as you’d like, on a low monthly basis upon completion of the The Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program.  Receive NEW updates, templates & strategies on any business trends or changes in the industry.  No obligation.
6. 1 Free Private Life Coaching Session to keep you on track with your goals and help you move forward.

**Unadvertised Top Secret Opportunity for Grads Only: **

GET PUBLISHED GUARANTEED !!! - In a private room in New York, New York, because of her solid reputation for massive success with Famous Authors, and 10 years in the business, Stefanie was given a back-door secret offer for her to PERSONALLY give the green-light to ANY author she works with from an Award Winning HUGE New York Publisher.

This is a HUGE STRATEGIC AND MIRACULOUS ADVANTAGE for anyone wanting to publish (first time author or seasonal) as this publisher receives over 5,000 manuscripts a year from "hopeful wanna-be authors" and yet they only accept and publish less than 140 authors a year. For new Grads of the MIT Program, your book idea will be walked right into the CEO's office and you will by-pass the red tape and gate-keepers. And if Stefanie gives you the GREEN LIGHT to the Publisher CEO - we guarantee you will be Published!!!! Your book will be represented by the SAME executives who helped Harvey MacKay, Howard Stern, President Jimmy Carter, Joel Comm, Jay Conrad Levinson, Mark Joyner and YOU! Imagine your book being in thousands of the major Retail Bookstores, on Kindle, Amazon, gift shops, department stores, newsstands, supermarkets and sold world-wide!

Plus For A Limited Time:

  • BONUS #1: “Bestseller Secrets” Audio Package     $197.00 Value
    Behind the scenes Interviews with Best-Selling Authors on their favorite tricks of the trade and how they took their books to #1 Best-selling Status or sold their book to mass markets. Guest Speakers include: Steven E; Declan Dunn; John Assaraf; Sean Roach and Alex Mandossian. Guest Interviews by Ken Foster.*Includes 5 Downloadable Audio Programs Total.
  • BONUS #2: Behind the Scenes Resource List    $700.00 Value Save yourself hours of searching for tools or valuable contacts – go where Stefanie goes when she needs something.

Instructors & Faculty Contributors Included in the Program:

Faculty and Instructors

Say Good-Bye To The 40-Hour Work Week & Endless Commute!

Gain powerful strategies and easy to follow
templates so you can hit the pavement running!!

Stop trading your TIME for money and begin getting paid what you’re really WORTH!

This program is like the 4-hour work week – come to Life!

You might have guessed by now . . . I don't hold back!
My personal success vault is there, ready for you to open up and really help you with the big picture of your Information Marketing Business to the 'how-to' details!

Plus…You are Positioned to Succeed in this Program because it is Systematized for Busy Lives. To increase your convenience all the materials are available for you to download at anytime on your schedule (any day or night).

student experiences
WAIT Stefanie!

"I'm excited! I want To reserve your system however, before I do, I need to know if I have to cash in my 401K plan just to pay for the privilege?"


YES . . . there is an investment to attend and NO you do not have cash in your 401K. 

Your investment is nothing like you could expect to pay considering the high caliber of the content available to you over the 7 months. 

Putting a price on the 'Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program'  wasn't an easy thing to do. When I asked several of my peers, figures of $10,000 and $15,000, even $20,000 were flying around.

Plus, when you consider my hourly consulting fee is a genuine $2,000 per hour, on  a private, one on one basis, I did think long and hard about what your investment would be.

And, it's not going anywhere near what my peers suggested. 

You can reserve access to the system for a low Investment of . . .

GOLD Level
Was $4,997
- Now Only $3497

Early Bird Special For Fast Moving Entrepreneurs
Saves YOU Up to $1,500

HURRY! If you are one of the first 27 Serious Entrepreneurs to invest in either level, you can take $1,500 off of the Gold Level and get started for just $3,497.

PLUS . . . you can also get 4 easy payment options.

Your 30 Day, Remarkably Generous Guarantee . . . Plus I Enjoy a 97% Satisfaction Rate!

guarentee Guarentee
I invite YOU to test-drive my “Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program" for a FULL 30 DAYS. Examine everything, use what you wish. If for any reason or even no reason, you are not absolutely thrilled with it, and eager to keep it and can’t see the profits from continuing and you want a full refund, simply return everything and you will get 100% of your money back.

NO questions asked. You do not need a "my dog ate my homework story." No one will ask you any questions at all. No hassle. No "fine print." No weasel out clauses. Simple and straightforward; you are thrilled with what you get in my package or you get a FULL refund. And, incidentally, I'm devoted to the goal of only having satisfied customers. If you're not going to profit from having my “Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program", I really would prefer to buy it back from you.

Now let me give you an amazing statistic: ever since I started selling my system, the results people have been getting have been nothing short of amazing as per the Wikipedia of testimonials from my many satisfied customers.

The result: a 97% satisfaction rate. But that doesn't just mean that 97% of those people kept their System . . . 97% not only kept their System but also sent me success reports and testimonial letters, subscribed to my newsletter, attended my advanced seminars, joined my top level mastermind group or invested in additional Stefanie Hartman books, DVD’s, CD’s courses, products or mentoring.

I think that fact has to tell you a lot about the results YOU can expect from getting my "secrets" working for you. After all, why would anybody make additional investments in my materials if they weren't profiting tremendously from their first investment?

How Fair is That Guarantee?

Gold Level

The Ball Is Now In Your Court

Please understand my Stop Trading Your Time For Money™ Program is not for everyone.

 It's ONLY for people who are serious about taking control of their future. This is ONLY for people who are willing to work towards their success and who want to:

  • Have enough money in retirement (and not run out of money)
  • Have an ongoing income after retiring
  • Make the best choices with your time, be able to travel, live the lifestyle you desire, long after you retire
  • Inspire others though sharing their wisdom, knowledge, expertise, passions and hobbies
  • Leave a legacy where your grandchildren are proud to talk about you and continue your great 'work' and much, much more!

Don't get me wrong - I would love for you to invest. Money is good - big money is real good. And, there are certainly no complaints if you want to send me your money however . .  .

Take it from me first hand, if you waste this opportunity at hand it's your fault. The information you will receive is not like anything else you have ever witnessed first hand in the past and remember . . . you have my 100%, money back guarantee. 

This is not like any other system out there for Serious Entrepreneurs. . .

When you are serious about building a real Information Marketing Business, and you are willing to work at it (by following  the formulas laid out in front of your eyes) you will be very pleased with your investment.

 Enough said.

 If you are still hanging in there with me, then chances are you will do what it takes to become successful. You understand . . .

  • There is no such thing as a magic pill or bullet . . .
  • You will have to do some work up front to reap any rewards . . .
  • This will only work for you if you apply the tools you discover (and apply yourself) . . .
  • And that I am not here to take your money if you're not serious.

And for being understanding, I thank you.

You are a rare breed in this day and age. You have what it takes if you agree with all of the above. All you need right now is the proper guidance and you will achieve and live your dreams of enjoying your retirement without the stress of financial pressure and also be running a real business you can be proud of, one you can also pass down through your family. 

I have done everything I can to prove to you, just how valuable, priceless and life-changing my Milionaire Expert Success System™ can be for you.

The ball is now in your court, if you want to 'DOUBLE FAULT' in life and live in fear about your retirement, . . . then don't invest.  

When you want to serve an 'ACE' and be well on your way to exceeding your dreams, then fill out the fast Response Form below.

Gold Level


Stefanie Hartman
Stefanie Hartman
PS. Never before has anyone put together such an indepth system for Serious Entrepreneurs which allows you to say Good-Bye To The 40-Hour Work Week & Endless Commute and gain powerful strategies and easy to follow templates so you can hit the pavement running and FINALLY, Stops YOU trading your TIME for money and begin getting paid what you’re really WORTH!

This program IS like the 4-hour work week – come to Life! It 's been engineered to explode your Information Marketing online business success and ignite your retirement lifetime potential so that you can blast your way out of the 9 to 5 rate race and finally be able to live the lifestyle you deserve and desire! And, you are protected by my 30 Day, Remarkable Money Back Guarantee which means YOU have ZERO Risk!

PPS. HURRY! When you are one of the first 27 Serious Entrepreneurs to reserve either GOLD or Platinum Level Access, you can save an additional $1,500 (Gold) and $2,250 (Platinum) plus get the 2 FREE BONUS GIFTS worth $897 as an early Bird Special, as detailed in this letter. 

If you are #28, I am sorry, you will not qualify for the Early Bird Savings of up to $2,100 or the 3 FREE Bonus Gifts worth $1,396. 

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